Spotlight On Que: Dwight Gentry, Sr.

By Jeffrey T. Smith, 29th Eighth District Representative

Brother Gentry is a passionate, purposeful, practical, and proud Omega man. Gentry’s magnanimous and magnetic personality present opportunities for others to benefit from his life’s lessons, resources, and dreams. It’s hard for Gentry to not entertain strangers making them feel at home once he starts speaking and sharing.

I met Brother Gentry 26 years ago at his home as he hosted members on the vision and future of Chi Phi Chapter. We connected immediately and he has served as a ‘big brother’ to me over the years. Our children grew up together and Brother Gentry and I have shared seasons of joys and sorrows.

Brother Gentry’s Omega’s experience is filled with examples of the sayings ‘I am my brother’s keeper’ and ‘love thy brother and sister.’ His life since joining the ranks of the Fold can be represented in the four cardinal principles.

Manhood. In 1954, Brother Gentry was born in Topeka, Kansas and during the same year as the landmark Supreme Court decision on ‘Brown versus the Board of Education of Topeka.’ He is married to Terri Gentry and together they are the proud parents and grandparents to four children and eight grandchildren.

Brother Gentry was initiated into Omega Psi Phi on November 11, 1972 at Kansas University through Delta Phi Chapter which chartered Rho Eta Chapter. He is a 40 year member of the fraternity working hard for all brothers and their families therein.

Scholarship. Brother Gentry has a Bachelor of Business Administration, Detroit Institute of Technology (DIT), 1976.

Perseverance. Brother Gentry’s leadership in Omega is vast and wide having spearheaded several projects to charter chapters during his journey. Gentry is a chartered member of Nu Gamma Chapter, DIT. He was instrumental in establishing Lambda Beta Beta Chapter at Colorado University as well as restarting Lambda Beta Chapter, University of Northern Colorado. Gentry has held fraternity offices and prominent committee assignments. They are: Basileus of three chapters – Nu Gamma, Delta Phi, and Chi Phi; Vice Basileus, Keeper of Records and Seal, MSP Chairman, Undergraduate Advisor, and Colorado State Representative. Gentry also serves as Treasurer on the Clarence F. Holmes Omega Memorial Scholarship Foundation. Professionally, Gentry has held positions as a Computer Systems Analyst, Cost Accountant, Public School Administrator, and University/College Administrator.

In the community, Brother Gentry is a member of Lowry Christian Community Church and he supports the Black American West Museum along with his wife. Gentry’s contributions in the Metro Denver area are far-reaching and meaningful.

Uplift. Brother Gentry is an enthusiastic advocate for all endeavors and activities related to the youth. Brothers Gentry, Nolan, Mika El Heru, Daoud Hadee, along with countless others are mostly known for their efforts with the Positive Image Program geared toward elementary school students with the high school version named Brotha-2-Brotha (B2B). The programs ran in-house to each specific school and provided a valuable mentoring, tutoring, and coaching presence for young people. Gentry’s youth work was part of the chapter’s Project Manhood Program during the years of 1999 - 2004 and is a forerunner to the Rites of Passage (ROP) and Omega Leadership Academy (OLA) youth mentor programs in recent years. Brother Gentry’s service and sacrifice on behalf of Omega were recognized on many occasions throughout his Omega passage. Specifically, Gentry received the following awards: Eighth District Omega Man of the Year; Chi Phi Chapter Omega Man of the Year, Superior Service Award, Founders’ Award, Citizen of the Year Award, and numerous chapter service awards and scrolls of honor.

In closing, Brother Gentry’s aspiration for the fraternity and chapter is simply to bridge, bind, and stimulate the interactions between young and seasoned members. He firmly believes the organization will reach greater heights faster when Omega men of all generations embrace the cause of Omega faithfully and united in the service to mankind.

Brother Gentry is a trustworthy, knowledgeable, likeable, serious, and fun-loving man with tremendous talents at singing, dancing, playing cards, and cooking. He has been my confidante, mentor, and supporter all the while providing that brotherly love necessary for sustainment and improvement. May God bless him and his family with good health, prosperity, and providence.

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