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Updated: Dec 18, 2019

By Jeffrey T. Smith, 29th Eighth District Representative

Brother Dr. Seymour Loftman is an Omega Man held in high regard and admiration. He embodies the fraternity’s motto of Friendship is Essential to the Soul. The four cardinal principles are deep-rooted in his spirit and visible for others to observe and appreciate. Brother Loftman’s enthusiasm for the Fold is consistent with other Omega men of his era. The Fraternity provided a conduit to a higher plane in life similar to other men with like ideas and high aspirations. In turn, Brother Loftman and other brothers of his youth would serve as bridge builders for subsequent generations of Omega men to experience fraternity life and to pursue professional endeavors. Brother Loftman is an Omega Man worthy our honor, respect, and comradeship.

Brother Loftman started his Omega journey in September 1945 with the Lampados Club and was initiated during the fall of 1946 through Alpha Chapter or ‘Mother Pearl’ at Howard University, Washington, D.C. He was number 21 of 21; Alpha Chapter was known for making pledge lines from the tallest men to the shortest. Although short in statue, Loftman was tall in his studies and campus life.

Brother Loftman recalled fondly his time as a Physics student, having studied from

1947 to 1948 under Professor Frank Coleman, one of the Founders of Omega Psi Phi

Fraternity. His recollection included two illustrations of Professor Coleman’s character.

First, Professor Coleman did not permit students to wear Omega initiation paraphilia in

his classroom during pledge season; second, Professor Coleman worked unselfishly to

help struggling students with Physics. Brother Loftman admired Professor Coleman for

this quality as an Omega Man - the capacity to give of oneself in order to support others.

Today, the same can be said of Brother Loftman – selfless service on behalf of others.

Brother Loftman completed his bachelor’s degree in Physics in 1954 after returning to

school in 1953 due to a five year break for personal reasons. Loftman enrolled the

same year in Howard’s Dental School and was graduated with honors in 1958. He was

the recipient of two graduate school awards - the best student in Operative (Restoration)

Dentistry and Children Dentistry. Upon graduation, Brother Loftman was also elected to

Omicron Kappa Upsilon National Honor Society. Loftman was one of three dental

students to be recognized with honors in 1958.

Brother Loftman received a commission as a First Lieutenant in the United States

Air Force and assigned to the Medical Group at Lockbourne Air Force Base in Ohio

for two years. Upon separation from service, Loftman returned to his home country

of Jamaica in 1960 and practiced dentistry until 1978 when he relocated to Kansas City,

Missouri. Loftman continued his practice until retiring in 1994. He would later move to

Denver, Colorado in 1999.

Brother Loftman has been married to Iva Seymour for 32 years and often speaks proudly of his family, which include six daughters, several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. For many years, Loftman enjoyed amateur photography as his main hobby.

Brother Loftman’s most recent achievement came in September 2013 when he received the MODEL (Man of Distinction, Excellence, and Leadership) Award from the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. He has received many awards and honors throughout his life including the Fraternity’s Founders’ Award.

Brother Loftman fraternity’s life has been mutual beneficial to the members and himself. He shared his aspiration of fraternity housing in Denver for Chi Phi Chapter. He stated that Omega men in Denver possess the necessary talents and skills to accomplish this task. Loftman continued by saying the Chapter would require great planning, execution, participation, dedication, and financial contributions from all members to ensure success.

Brother Loftman’s honorable projects include his passionate advocacy for children. Throughout his life, Loftman eagerly worked on ventures that impact children positively. The chapter’s Rights of Passage (ROP) program is one such program that Brother Loftman has supported. In addition, he serves currently as an active mentor in two high schools with service clubs and he helps with reading and writing programs at two Aurora elementary schools.

Brother Loftman is an Omega Man and his example communicates commitment and courage!

NOTE: Brother Loftman and I met in the spring of 1999 at the 50th Annual Eighth District meeting in Denver. I was introduced to Brother Loftman by Brother Terry Lee of Gamma Epsilon Chapter, Hampton University. Lee and I were Army officers at Fort Sill, Oklahoma in 1988 and members of Psi Upsilon Chapter, Lawton. Brother Loftman served as the guest speaker at the chapter’s Founders’ Day Observance 15 years ago this November.

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