Achievement Week 2019

The men of Chi Phi Chapter came together in great numbers to celebrate achievement week this year. It was great to see brothers joined together on several occasions to fellowship, share awards for hard work done throughout the year and to give back to the community in the form of service.

This years festivities started off with a Monday Night Football gathering at Brothers Bar in Northfield. Brothers had a round table discussion about the future of the chapter and what more we can achieve together. Next was a visit to the Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center where Chi Phi spent time with Veterans and their families as they recover from spinal surgeries and other ailments. As the week continued several brothers gathered together for lunch all over the city to fellowship mid-way through the work day.

We as a chapter took a lot of time to award brothers in Chi Phi for their service in the community and to award those that have worked in partnership with us to increase our impact. One such award was given to Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald who was named our Citizen of the Year for all of his work in the Denver Metropolitan Communities and with Chi Phi’s mentorship program Omega Leadership Academy which is run by Brother Michael Williams. As is our custom we ended Achievement Week by worshiping together at Denver Christian Bible Church with Pastor John Morland. We were blessed to hear a great message from a visiting pastor. We also took the opportunity to serve lunch to the members of the congregation following the service.

In total I count this years Achievement Week a great success and want to thank all who put the effort into planning and executing each event. Job well done.

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